Posted: August 6, 2013 in Personal
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In the space of a couple hours, the contents of my room have been collected, boxed, loaded, and shipped. All that remains are a couple empty shelves, my bed, the TV I can’t take with me because the power step-down would, I don’t know, make it slowly explode, and my suitcases. The room echos strangely whenever we talk. And yet, I’m already trying to remember what’s missing.

The rest of the house looks completely the same, my only contribution to the household furniture being the giant Sony TV that I’ve hardly used and the various kitchen implements that I’ll replace for $50 at Target. The past few days I’ve been pondering the difference between things I actually need and things I like to have around me. The sheer number of books on my shelves was an obvious one. The snowboarding, climbing, and camping gear I haven’t used in over a year. Little mementos, papers, and gadgets that don’t serve much purpose other than making me feel like I’m in my own place.

Now, in 3 months or so of having our own adventures, we’ll meet again in a new place. And that will be home.


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