poor decisions

Posted: July 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

So deciding to start a daily writing exercise right before I moved and lost internet access at home for over 2 weeks may not have been my best choice. Looks like that will have to wait while we get settled and get things working again. For the time being, I’m busy enough as it is just trying to get the washing machine to stop leaking and finding a fork. But on the plus side, I’m now woken up every morning with ample sunlight and can walk to work in 15 minutes. I’d say it was a good move.

Work has been less enthusiastically positive, but I’m feeling a bit more engaged than I have in the past few months. Working across the ocean from the “big projects” however is endlessly frustrating when I need either feedback or hands-on changes, and its easy to feel forgotten or ignored. Which of course does nothing for my motivation when I know my hands are often tied. Perhaps it’s time to get out of hardware.


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