old habits something something

Posted: June 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

I’ve had the same conversation any number of times over recent months. I like writing. Some people say I do it well at times. Part of me even aspires to doing it professionally. Only problem is, I’ve gotten so very bad at actually writing things. I’ve fallen into that trap of smartphone malaise, the mental limbo of having every thought worth sharing on display the moment you think it.

I keep pondering different writing exercises; a word of the week, a blog writing review and recommendations, but really, I just need to write, and get better at simply putting down words. As I told Liesel the other night, I’ve always treated my first draft as my final draft, and it’s a paralyzingly bad habit. So I’m going to try a new exercise, much like the 365 photo exercise I did last year: at least two paragraphs every day. Maybe I’ll modify it to a word count. But for now, I just need to make it a habit again.


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