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Posted: November 23, 2011 in Personal, Travel
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The travel bug is biting hard, and is leaving a distinctly Europe-shaped mark. The universe in general seems to be conspiring to remind me that it has now been over two years since I was there, with friends left and right planning trips, and even an old friend from Germany showing up out of nowhere after 12 years and asking when I’ll be coming to visit in Stuttgart. Another Europe trip is definitely a ways off, but I think making it happen sometime next September may be in order, both to revisit some favorites and catch up with all the people I missed last time. Hell, I might even make good on my threat to go see Iceland.

Meantime, recently I’ve felt particularly uncertain about whether I’m doing much with myself, whether I’m really challenging myself when I’m spending most of my time around the city while my travel has waned to a couple trips to well-known destinations. Then it occurred to me that I’m doing one of the most challenging things I can: for once I’m properly trying to make the most of living in Sydney. I can live anywhere and leave it to find something new; putting this town through its paces while I’m here has been long overdue and now I’m finally putting some real effort into it.


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