momentum builds

Posted: November 8, 2011 in Personal
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After a week of horrible sleep and a weekend doing fewer activities than planned but a whole lot more sleeping, I’m feeling more like myself again. My calendar is rapidly filling up months in advance, and with my permanent residency visa processing I feel more in control of my future. I’m no longer being borne along as glacial till of bureaucratic whimsy. At least, no more than usual.

Between learning JQuery and AJAX to do some long-overdue overhauling on my website, playing with my new camera, and trying to throw myself a bit more into writing, I have some real projects again. I have (modest) travel plans. I’m getting something of a social pattern to my life. My injured finger is… well, is still injured, which is a concern and source of continued frustration. But my scattered atoms of attention, lost and colliding in the excited state of heated uncertainty and pursuit of new spaces, are condensing again into a sheen of liquid intent, once again tangible yet still fluid. Only under intense pressure will they freeze into resolve; for now, I intend to let them flow along the most natural path.


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