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Posted: November 1, 2011 in Travel
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Newly single, new camera in hand, vacation days piling up, and my travel options soon to be limited to domestic-only for the duration of my visa processing, I’ve started to consider some serious overdue travel destinations within Australia. On the shortlist:

– Road trip to Tasmania via ferry
– Uluru
– Kakadu National Park
– Margaret River
– Exmouth, WA to dive with whale sharks

The Tasmania road trip I’m aiming for as the next month or two, just to get things started. The ferry is much more expensive than I would have expected (close to $500 round trip for a ticket, car space, and berth for the night), but I figure with what I save on airfare and car rental, plus the amount of camping I intend to do there, it will balance out nicely. Not to mention the opportunity to have the Roo Disco with me to extend my range in the backcountry, and I think I’ll do quite well. Time to literally get this show on the road.


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