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Posted: October 3, 2011 in Fitness, Personal, Social
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With my renewed sense of purpose firmly in place since my US trip, I’ve hit the ground running back in Australia. While I was languishing more weekends than not before, now I barely have a free moment. Parties, concerts, lectures, dinners, I’ve been on a frenzy to fill up all the blank spots on my calendar. And whether it’s lucky timing or simply the fact that I’m looking in the right places, people and events are coming out of the woodwork to oblige.

The one downside is all these things have left little time for exercise and promoted WAY more eating and drinking, something I have to get back into balance. Luckily one of the things I definitely plan to make a regular event is the Sydney Hashers, a “drinking group with a running problem”, something I’d heard plenty about from Lucy and her friends, and finally went and found last week. While there’s a fair amount of booze consumed as the post-run part of it, everyone’s at least putting in a pretty good run to counteract it. And best of all, the group is far more social than most of the climbers I’ve met here, which is both a relief and a disappointment. My climbing tribe may be totally absent in Australia, but I may have found another one to fill the space.


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