365,000 Words

Posted: August 6, 2011 in Photography
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After fiddling with my cameras more and more over the years, I reached a decision that I needed to challenge myself more if I was going to squeeze out any more skill. I needed to play with lighting, focus, camera settings, and, above all, subjects. Time and again you’ll hear creative people say that the only way to really improve is keep creating even when you feel like you have nothing to make, so it seemed I was going to have to set a goal for myself and just stick to it as best I could.

So with that, one year ago I started trying to take at least one photo a day, inspired by the "365 Project" so many people on social photo sites like Flickr have posted. I wasn’t the best at sticking to it, coming away in the end with only 276 photos for the year, but overall it did exactly what I had hoped; it made me work harder at understanding how to get the photos I wanted, as well as forced me to think more creatively during the weeks when my routine between home and work didn’t drop anything unique in my lap.

Only in the past couple months have I felt like I was really getting tapped out of material, so part of me wants to call it quits and part sees that as all the more reason to keep going. I think for now I’ll keep it up, even if it’s just a way of reminding myself that I need to get out of the house for the day.


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