Not a single AK was used

Posted: July 31, 2011 in Outdoors
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After promising myself to go hiking in the Blue Mountains again for weeks, and every weekend punking out and staying home, I finally made it up again, thanks in part to some sparklingly-clear weather. The idea of exploring as many hiking trails as possible has embedded itself in my head, and with the help of what turned out to be a very incomplete trail map of the Blue Mountains National Park, I ticked off the summit of Mt Banks and a hike beyond to Banks Wall looming over Grose Valley.

Every hike I take in the Blue Mountains amazes me at how accessible so much of the area can be, but at the same time looks so foreboding and inaccessible. As an example, according to a plaque at the summit of what is now an easy family hike, Mt Banks was the site of one of the first parties attempting to cross the Blue Mountains giving up and going home. Given that all you see in almost every direction from that summit is sheer cliffs, I can’t say I blame them.

A further bonus of this trip was giving me a pretty firm grasp of the layout of the valleys nearest to the city, and I’ve started formulating a plan for a 1-2 night backpacking trip. However given how fried my legs were after only 3 hours of hiking, I need to do some more conditioning first.

On a side note, my camera obviously once again has something on the inside of the lens. Goddamn it.


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