Posted: May 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

Another weekend spent gladly puttering around Melbourne, this time including a first trip outside the city limits to visit the Healsville nature park and manhandle some of the less hazardous Australian wildlife. Unfortunately it was not Kat’s finest weekend, but I think we managed to at least take her mind off of some of the uglier parts of the week for a while.

I’m sure the fact that Melbourne is not unlike Portland in culture, weather, and even to some degree setting, that in the past year’s worth of weekends spent making the trip down, I now almost feel more at home there than Sydney despite being solely a guest. Funny to think that as absurd as I find hipsters, their presence is actually something of a comfort because I still find them less preposterous than the sugar-frosted clones of Sydney, if only slightly. As I said to someone else over the weekend, I prefer Melbourne’s artistic pretention to Sydney’s “look, we’ve got Master Chef” pretention.

I would actually probably be rather annoyed with the whole thing if not for two things: one, I’ve grown familiar enough with Melbourne at this point to get past the honeymoon phase and find the things that can annoy me about it as well, and two, I’ve started to finally make some actual efforts to fill up my time in Sydney with all the things the city has to offer beyond just its location. Sadly the social side is still severely sparse, especially since all my recent attempts to extend my social circle have resulted in mixers with college students who just make me feel old if still culturally relevant.

Ultimately, I’m not sorry I’m living in Sydney, especially given all the horror stories I keep hearing from the US of the job climate, but I am glad I have an excuse to make regular trips to Melbourne. It just happens to be an excellent excuse.


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