Posted: August 3, 2010 in Uncategorized

I’m feeling the increasing need for a project, like a physical project. My writing muse has gone extremely quiet, my shoulder is still keeping me fairly couch-bound during the week, plus a number of cues around me have been firing the “make things” center of my brain. Only thing is, I don’t really have much idea what to actually make. Well, I have a couple ideas, but I’m still kind of unsure about them. So, for the moment, I’m thinking of simply posting a daily photo to Flickr, old or new (preferably new). I’ll aim for 6 months to a year, and see how I do.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Take up painting! Try acrylics :3 All you need is primary colors and white+black, and a small canvas.

    • Anonymous says:

      Unfortunately, painting has never done it for me. I’m marginally creative to begin with, and painting as a medium has never clicked. Drawing I can do ok, but painting with acrylics just winds up being frustrating. And don’t even mention watercolors…

      • Anonymous says:

        Watercolors are pure evil >.>

        You enjoy photography right? Maybe a little hybrid or small DSLR is just what you need :3

  2. Anonymous says:

    can i please have your work phone? it is so much more awsome than mine… I bet you have voip too *sniff*

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