Sakura Season

Posted: April 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

Four years and a passport full of stamps later, I returned to Tokyo couple weeks ago for eleven days of exploring, with a little office work thrown in to pay the bills and cover my hotel room. Two things struck me right away:

1) I remembered places and people remarkably well for having only been once four years ago. Winding through the backstreets of Shibuya and navigating the train system was startlingly familiar and easy. However, I think this was in part due to the second thing, which was,

2) I have matured quite a bit as a traveler since my first trip. This is not terribly surprising since when I was last in Tokyo, it was my first ever trip outside the country, so I was completely green about going through international customs, linguistically-challenged pantomime, and the finer points of dealing with major jetlag. These days, so many parts of international travel have become second nature.

Getting my work out of the way in the first few days, I picked Lucy up from the airport and we commenced a solid week of sightseeing, eating phenomenal food, and drinking in tiny, obscure bars with new-found friends. I’d planned the timing around sakura season, arguably the most popular time of year in Tokyo when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, and they certainly delivered, covering parts of the city in pink and white snowfalls of flower petals. We even managed a trip outside the city, something I was dedicated to doing one way or another, to the beach town of Zushi, with a stopover in Kamakura. It was perfect.

However, even all this done, there’s still so much I’d like to go back and do. I never made it to Nagano to meet up with my friend Luke, never made it to Mike’s new house towards Fuji, and there’s so many other places I’d like to explore beyond the city. With so many friends and places to visit, a return trip seems inevitable.

  1. Anonymous says:

    any chance youll be in Japan in Sept? Ill be there then for a week or so

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