Deutsche Bier Uber Alles

Posted: February 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

Journal entry: Oct 3rd, 2009

Oktoberfest has, for the second morning in a row, taken its toll on me like an ornate, finely crafted silken handbag filled with lead shot. Thankfully yesterday I had the common sense to eat more than a light breakfast and drink water all day, unlike the day before, which nearly left me sleeping in the well-appointed German shrubbery.

The spectacle of Oktoberfest is everything the hype promises and then some. I was actually shocked that the movie representations have fallen well short of the scale of it. And nothing could have prepared me for a massive hall filled with lederhosen-clad drunks of all ages singing along at the tops of their voices while the oompa band played “Summer of ’69”.

Drinking aside, Munich itself is a remarkably beautiful city. Many of the neighborhoods maintain the traditional look and feel without a hint of overacting. Modern buildings are few and far between in the heart of the city, and the place as a whole seems fiercely proud and protective of its Bavarian style.

As festive as Oktoberfest is, I really want to come back when it’s not on, both for the smaller crowds and because there’s so much I’d love to do here other than drink beer in massive amounts. The parks, cafes, and outer neighborhoods are just made for lounging for hours, and even with the city bursting at the seams, it’s still remarkably easy to find a quiet corner to watch the city go by. And of course, this is just within the city; I haven’t even seen the countryside or mountains.

Unfortunately this trip simply doesn’t offer the luxury of time to spend as much as a week in one place, so I have to tear myself away from each place in order to explore further. I was originally going to plan a London/Paris trip with my mom, however we may have to include Bavaria.

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