On beaches, rum, and the solution to all our problems

Posted: December 13, 2009 in Uncategorized

– Normally when I’ve gone back to Hawaii for the holidays, there was always the anticipation of, “Sweet, I get to go to the beach, snorkel, and wear shorts instead of all this cold weather!” Now that I live somewhere with virtually identical weather and water during the holidays, it’s become more just, “Sweet, now I can go to the beach all week!”

– Last night at my friend Chiara’s birthday / farewell party, I discovered my new favorite bar in Sydney. Up until now the selection and service had been fairly unremarkable, but on bellying up to the bar, not only was I greeted by the sight of Appleton Estate 12yr rum on the shelf, and come to find out that the house well rum is in fact also Appleton, but the bartender had a fantastic attention to detail with all the mannerisms of an OCD Johnny Depp. Just a pity the bar is in one of the most impossible to reach districts in the city from my house…

– From Carl Sagan’s “Dragons of Eden” in discussing behavioral brain function:

In one study of the behavior of the squirrel monkey, Caspar, the dominant animal in the colony and by far the most active displayer, was never seen to copulate, although he accounted for two-thirds of the genital display in the colony–most of it was directed toward other adult males. The fact that Caspar was highly motivated to establish dominance but insignificantly motivated toward sex suggest that while these two functions may involve identical organ systems, they are quite separate.

Now if only we could put this knowledge to use to gradually cure ourselves of politicians.


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