Political behavior

Posted: September 11, 2009 in Uncategorized

The recent uproar about Rep. Joe Wilson’s outburst in the US has been particularly interesting to me because of how drastically different the policy and reaction is to government proceedings in Australia. As an example, tune into the televised sessions of parliament, and this is what you’ll generally get on any given day:

That’s right, this is over having to work on a Friday.

This is essentially a page taken directly from the UK parliament, minus the wigs, but when I first witnessed it, I was blown away by what I saw as petty disrespect shown by government officials. Not only did it seem unproductive, but it made me think considerably less of them than I already did just by the fact that they were politicians.

I found this commentary piece to be a great summary of the American stance on government proceedings vs. the middle school lunchroom-like approach of parliament.


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