Weekend Win

Posted: September 8, 2009 in Uncategorized

Another perfectly fine weekend interrupted by the work week. Ah well. Started off connecting with a local dive group just down the road for my first in-city dive out at Manly on Saturday morning, which was ridiculously picturesque; we literally set up in front of a Mediterranean-style waterfront cafe and walked into the water under a spotlessly sunny sky. Visibility wasn’t much and the water was freezing, but the shallow kelp forests and 3-foot Port Jackson shark were still very cool. Immediately after, my ride and dive partner Paul got us into the Manly Yacht Club for coffee and BLTs on the deck, which having yet to shower and still dressed in my swimsuit felt like I’d managed to sneak my way in. Back home I busted out the hammock and a beer and read until I fell asleep. Like going on vacation without leaving home.

Sunday I made a point of getting to sleep in and going to breakfast, two of my favorite weekend activities. The rest of the day was walking around Balmain, which I’d never really properly seen before, and trying to get some decent photos.

Good thing the weather sucked today, or I’d have been much less content to spend the day working.

  1. konot says:

    Nice walk. Some great architecture.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nice walk. Some great architecture.

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