The first step is admitting you have a problem

Posted: September 4, 2009 in Uncategorized

I really don’t like “going shopping”, and I like to think of myself as being fairly non-materialistic.


I have a weakness for awesomely funky watches. I had three already of various type, and as of last night, I have a fourth.

Several weeks ago I dropped my favorite Fossil watch face-down on the tile, and despite all the abuse this thing has taken, it landed in just such a way that it shattered the face. Luckily, there’s a Fossil shop not far from me in Chatswood, so I finally got around to taking it in last night for repair. I knew this was dangerous for me, walking into a store I rarely escape from without a new timepiece, but I couldn’t give up on my favorite watch.

My downfall was the fact that this watch is a modular system, where the body can be easily removed from the band to interchange either band or body, which just encourages wrist accessory ADD. And when the girl behind the counter said I’d be watch-less for up to 8 weeks, my eyes immediately drifted down to the case beneath my hands, its rows of excitingly backlit timepieces ticking away at me with alluring precision from designer faces. I was doomed. I barely made it out without a completely pointless $100 cast metal sundial watch as it is.

On the more productive side of my shopping outing, I finally bought myself a dive mask and snorkel and neoprene boots, and signed up for my first in-city shoredive on Saturday morning. The boots also mean I can get back out in my kayak without freezing my toes off. And given it’s impossible to buy dress shoes here that aren’t the equivalent of black formal clown shoes twice the length of my feet, which I also bought out of necessity, I’ll want my toes for leverage.


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