Posted: July 13, 2009 in Uncategorized

(Written somewhere over the South Pacific)

Amazing how anymore a computer without internet access feels only slightly more functional than a pen and notepad. You can edit information, but you can’t share, collaborate on, or publish it. And if you don’t even have it already, it’s no longer just a matter of a quick login or file transfer; it may as well not even exist. Quick information lookups that have become second nature are suddenly impossible, leaving you to realize you actually don’t know very much, you just got used to Google as a mental appendage, a digital midbrain for long-term memories you never had.

And this isn’t even getting into the obvious lack of social networking, which with growing dependance on things like Twitter and RSS feeds is surely at some point going to result in airlines offering withdrawl support groups with their meal service for international flights. If given the option after getting off the plane, people these days would probably still update their Facebook status before lighting up a cigarette.

Hell, prime example: what do I do with my laptop on a long flight? I pretend I have internet access by writing a blog post.

Crap, now what do I do?

  1. rusulki says:

    you play morrowind you dumb twat.

  2. Anonymous says:

    you play morrowind you dumb twat.

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