Sydney by water

Posted: June 9, 2009 in Uncategorized

Finally got off my ass yesterday afternoon after teetering dangerously on the edge of being sucked into playing Assassin’s Creed and took the kayak out again on the harbor. I’ve been gradually refining how I store and transport this massive thing on my own, and the transportation I’ve just about got down without the benefit of a roof rack, but the storage “system” still leaves everything to be desired. Nonetheless, strides are being made.

I ventured a little further into the back bays of the harbor this time, into Sugarloaf Bay, one of the few inlets of the harbor not lined with housing from waterline to treeline. Only about 3 miles of paddling from the boat ramp and you’re in an area practically devoid of signs of civilization, apart from a few houses peeking over the trees and the weekend yachters scattered among the moorings. Kookaburras and cormorants called from the trees, and it wasn’t much of a stretch to imagine this place before Captain Cook arrived, silent winding waterways wrapped in eucalyptus and gum tree forests. I took my time, letting the wind push me around the shallow mudflats at the back of the bay while I basked, then paddled back, hazarding a hasty crossing over the main boating channel and surfing some wake waves a little closer to shore than I’d intended. My return to the boat ramp was timed perfectly as the sun made itself scarce behind the trees and my feet began to go numb from sitting in the puddles of water from the scuppers.

Considering how comfortable I was with the distance, I’m definitely encouraged to stretch my explorations further inland and build my stamina for longer day trips and even overnight trips. Looking at the satellite overview on Google Maps, I just happen to be at the start of the most secluded reaches remaining of Sydney Harbor, so I can not only get my distance practice in, but enjoy some Australian wilderness in the process just 1k from my front door. From there, I only have to head a little ways north to Newport or Bobbin Head, and I have miles and miles of waterways in national park land to explore.


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