State of the Reuben Address

Posted: June 1, 2009 in Uncategorized

I’m functionally healthy once again. I even got in a run yesterday morning and felt remarkably energetic after spending 4 days in bed. Never did get to the climbing gym as planned, but I’m going to blame that on my roommate getting a new surround sound system which I then compulsively had to configure. Apart from a nice trip to Dee Why on Saturday, my weekend as a whole was fairly useless. I think next weekend is going to require driving somewhere, or at least some kayaking or possibly surfing. I’m rather tired of floundering around the house.

My mom’s in Eugene for the week, but the parents are… up in the air. Still haven’t talked to my dad since the call from my mom, but word is he’s making some radical changes. I’m just going to wait this one out and see what they decide to do. I really don’t want to turn into a mediator for this one, which I have a tendency towards. I want to be supportive of my mom and that’s about it until some decisions have been made. Also, I have to admit I’m afraid of talking to my dad right now and finding him in a broken state. I don’t think anyone wants to see that in a parent if they can avoid it.


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