Man, I’m tired

Posted: May 4, 2009 in Uncategorized

Had a fantastic trip to Melbourne over the weekend, where got to hang out with new and… less new friends, saw De La Soul at the Espy (sp?), ate decadent crepes, went to an art gallery end-of-show party, attended a birthday party full of well-seasoned drinkers with an open bar, managed to not feel completely horrible the next day, and wandered around the city without a camera, which the night before had sapped of the last battery life. This is especially sad since, at least for that afternoon, Melbourne was being saucily photogenic. I’ll just have to go back properly armed.

Now, of course, I’m left back in my work week with no sleep reserves, having stayed up until 4 every night before returning home. I really should be trying to sleep right this second, but my schedule is completely off, plus I just got back from watching Wolverine in a theater full of lay-z-boys, which was absurd but very entertaining.

I really should sleep.


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