Posted: March 17, 2009 in Uncategorized

Purely by chance, yesterday I discovered NPR’s Live Concerts series from All Songs Considered. It has full-length live concerts from some great artists, including Radiohead, Tom Waits, and Liz Phair. And it’s free! Viva la Revoluciaudio!

Between reading Mountaineering Essays by John Muir and my geology uber-geeking in New Zealand, I’ve decided I want to try to take some geology classes, possibly some geophysics if I can get up to speed. I’ve been pacing the edge of getting into academia again for a while, without a real inspiration to warrant it, and I think this is just the thing. Plus it’ll help fill up my weeknights. Now I just need to try and find classes I can fit into my schedule.

I’ve also got the germ of an idea for an interactive redesign for my website, just for the fun of doing it. It may require Flash. I’ve been out of web dev for so long, I don’t even know what the best web app development platforms are anymore. Hell, I still think tables are pretty handy. But I like having a design to flesh out.


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