Cultural show-and-tell time

Posted: February 20, 2009 in Uncategorized

If you love webcomics, and you love historical and literary humor, you really need to check out Kate Beaton’s LJ and her accompanying website. It will be pertinent to your interests, including Tycho Brahe verbally bitch-slapping Johannes Kepler and, most recently, things you wish you never knew about James Joyce (kudos to for the discovery).

I’ve found myself listening all week to… yes, ok, to Indie 103.1 in iTunes. I swear to god I’m not turning into a hipster, the music is just a great mix of some quality old and new stuff, and my own collection has been getting stale. Not to mention I hate local broadcast radio with a passion.

Still reading Bartleby the Scrivner by Melville, and if it wasn’t so short, I’d have given up by now. It’s just so goddamn tedious. I think I may have to upgrade to Hemingway next and forgive him for the bourgeois twaddle that was The Sun Also Rises.

I’ll get some culture in me one way or another.


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