As strange as fiction, and more silly than a most of it

Posted: November 10, 2008 in Uncategorized

People as a whole seem to get a bit touched in the head when it comes to rights of ownership to holy places, which generally boils down to outrage over a rather dirty patch of ground that someone supposedly slept on once.

However, The Church of the Holy Sepulchre takes this to a new level of absurdity, the likes of which is normally only found in Terry Pratchett books. This church in Jerusalem is apparently such a touchy subject that a ladder placed on a ledge over the entrance hasn’t been moved in over 150 years because nobody can agree on who should move it. It has been in the same spot for so long that nobody can remember quite why it was put there in the first place, however one of the reigning theories is an Armenian monk tasked with washing the windows, which belong to the Armenian priests, set the ladder on a ledge that was declared communal territory, and with the swiftness of a labor union, all sides declared a stalemate as to who’s responsibility the ladder had become. Similar incidents have involved 11 people being hospitalized due to a monk moving his chair into the shade, and a fistfight breaking out because someone left the door open.

Oh, people.


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