Last Hurrah

Posted: September 7, 2008 in Uncategorized

After three solid weeks of friends, family, road trips, rafting, shopping, partying, photo-taking, and dare I say almost too much food and drink, my vacation is coming to a close as I pass my remaining hours in Oregon camped out at a bar in the PDX concourse, sipping on Laurelwood micros and gazing out at the unblemished blue skies and vibrant green trees of Oregon summer. Memories of the events between taking off from Sydney Intl and now are a strange mix of distinct and distant, recalled like compressed air escaping in a blast, a rush of events that feel artificially old.

I am not ready to return to normal life yet. But then, by the fact that “normal” is flying from Eugene to Australia, that definition has now been turned on its head. Normal is no longer a factor.


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