How to fill up 3 weekends in Australia: Part 1, A day at the races

Posted: March 30, 2008 in Uncategorized

I hate when I get lazy and don’t update for weeks, because so often I have far too much to write about, and have to limit myself to summaries, or write excessively long, meandering, and generally uninspired entries, the blogging equivalent of… something long, meandering, and generally uninspired. You see what I mean? So as a change-up, I’ll break it up into 3 posts in quick succession. Anyway, lets set the wayback machine to 3 weekends ago…

Several weeks back, I had contacted a vendor at work for part of our upcoming site move to North Sydney. As sales guys will do, I got the full courting process, but in addition, he invited me out to join him in the members section of one of the two local tracks for a day of punting as they call it, otherwise known as losing money on horses. The difference here is everyone has made an effort to give the whole thing an air of sophistication, which means everyone in the members section gets dressed to the nines and makes a day of it, down to the elaborate and usually very silly women’s hats. For the men, myself included, this meant a full suit despite the temperatures in the high 80s. Thankfully, we had an air-conditioned interior and a nice shaded grandstand to sit in comfort while we watched our horses lose, so the whole experience of my first day at the races was a good one, monetary loss aside. We studied the racing forms, talked statistics and past track histories of each horse, watched the bookie prices for the best odds, and generally pretended like we had a serious gambling problem, assisted by a growing drinking problem as we tipped back a significant amount of beer. At the end, I returned home hot, tired, poorer, and drunk, but oddly satisfied.


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