Posted: February 5, 2008 in Uncategorized

I’m having moments of being more than a little tired of the inconveniences and differences of being in a place that is different but no longer new. The past severals days in particular has piled the annoyances on to the point that I’d as soon just get out of town not for the sake of travel but just to leave for a while. Steady crappy weather, no clothes drier (a + b = no dry clothes), no car, trains shutting down for the entire weekend, still have none of my stuff after over 2 months, relying on borrowed friends while mine are half a world away… I can make do with a few at a time, but stacking it on gets to be a bit much.

I’m glad I’m headed to Beijing in a week, then to Eugene in a little over two weeks. I need a change of scenery.


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