N. Korea leaves Australia, cites “lack of real bros” and “totally trashing our ride”

Posted: January 26, 2008 in Uncategorized

There’s something about the casual approach of Australians to all things, including news and global politics, that lends to news stories practically worthy of The Onion. Take, for example, today’s story in The Australian about the closing of the North Korean embassy in Canberra:

“We have no friends,” North Korea’s most senior diplomat, Pak Myong-guk, told The Weekend Australian as he prepared to lock the doors of his embassy for the last time.

Sources said that, while in Canberra, the North Koreans behaved impeccably except for their indifferent driving skills, which caused them to crash the only real perk of their job, their embassy’s Mercedes-Benz.

It was similar poor driving that contributed to the hasty departure of the North Koreans last time they abandoned Canberra in 1975. On that occasion, they crashed their Mercedes in the Canberra suburb of Red Hill and when they went to the nearest house for help, they were aghast to find it was the home of their arch-enemy, the South Korean ambassador.

Shaken but not yet stirred, the North Koreans visited a local Mercedes dealer to buy a replacement car but were told the car on the showroom floor had already been purchased by the South Korean embassy.

And this kind of thing is going on all the time.


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