Let go

Posted: January 15, 2008 in Uncategorized

Between moving to a completely new place, recently becoming single as part of that same event, and having only a small fraction of my things while the rest was on a barge somewhere in the middle of the Pacific, I think I had become very people-dependent (for me). Despite my decision before I left to avoid dating for a while, I found myself looking for someone to get involved with. When I was alone in the apartment on the occasion my roommate was out, the place felt empty and too quiet, something I’m not at all accustomed to feeling. I actually felt somewhat uncomfortable on my own, not at all like me.

After the past weekend however, particularly after a marathon reading session Sunday night, I’m feeling more myself again, and while I still enjoy and look forward to the company of other people, I’m not craving it anymore. I’m still getting restless around 9 at night, but that’s simply feeing my lack of options, since most everything is closed by then, I have no car or even a bicycle to get out and around, and TV may as well not exist here. With time, all that should be sorted.

It’s nice to feel emotionally self-reliant again.


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