Posted: November 23, 2007 in Uncategorized

Due to a scheduling snafu by the movers, I’ve had to reschedule my departure from Eugene until Sunday. Frankly, this has turned out to work much better for me, since I’ve spent the last week on the verge of a nervous breakdown trying to get all my shit together and, now I have a couple extra days to finish the last little details I was killing myself over to get done before my original departure of, well, right now. This way I can actually finish everything and relax a little with Lucy before I leave, instead of leaving nervous and agitated.

Thanksgiving was excellent, partly due to the rescheduling so I was actually relaxed. Lucy and Shane cooked a hell of a feast, including a turkey rubbed in some magical concoction of spices, mashed potatoes and giblet and red wine gravy, sweet potatoes au gratin, asparagus, fresh cranberries, and pumpkin pie. Around 7 we wound up comatose on the couch watching Family Guy, I made a brief visit to Sigh and Lynda’s, and everyone in the house succumbed to tryptophan overdose and turned in early.

It’s nice to be calm again.


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