Holding back the tide just a little longer

Posted: October 14, 2007 in Uncategorized

Just when fall had arrived in force and seemed to promise nothing but dreary weather for the rest of the year, this weekend has stolen back a brief gasp of sun. Thursday night was spent in the Hemingway room of the Syliva Beach Hotel, which I thought would be a perfect way to while away the horridly dreary weather, holed up in the loft of the hotel drinking coffee and spiced wine and reading a good book. And that’s exactly what Lucy and I did once we got there. The next day however, the morning clouds were swept away as if by a huge hand, leaving fantastic weather all along the coast. The beach was even shockingly windless and warm while we combed it looking for somethings. We watched a charter fishing trip come back in with their catch, bought pounds of candy, went to the aquarium, ate lunch at the Rogue brewery, and played on the rocks at the empty Devil’s Churn, all in brilliant sun.

The rest of the weekend has been equally sunny, and it has apparently confused more than just the people, since the ladybugs seem to have taken this brief window of warm weather as a sign to hatch and hatch fast. Climbing at the columns today added an additional test of patience, as every reach for a hold or gear often started with brushing off a few ladybugs that were crawling over it. Tearing down at the top was like standing downwind from an open box of small packing peanuts.

And the wait on my Australian visa continues. I sent off some chest x-rays on Wednesday for some reason, but I’ve been warned that that part alone can take 3 weeks to process, not counting delivery. So, hey, I’d best be looking for a Halloween costume, and possibly probing for Thanksgiving invites. I’m sure I’ll get there, y’know, one of these days…


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