Posted: October 1, 2007 in Uncategorized

While I have remained motionless in my ever-impending move to the land of adorably deadly animals, fall has arrived here in Oregon with all the subtlety of a velvet clawhammer. Over the course of a week, temperatures have dropped significantly, to the point of fluctuating over 40 degrees in one day, the skies are once again as grey and damp as a retirement home resident, and the leaves on the trees decided that a good time to change color would be riiiiiiight aaaaabout NOW. My “endless summer” has now become an elemental flume ride.

I am however still getting rid of all my extra crap, and still trying to cram in all the US I can while I’m still here. There was another epic party at Valhalla over the weekend, spent entirely in my bathrobe, I made what I suspect may be my last trip to Smith in a long time, and this weekend… I actually don’t know what’s this weekend. Time to plan something.


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