I left my low blood pressure in San Francisco

Posted: September 5, 2007 in Uncategorized

Back from San Francisco as of last night, and I have to say, that may have been the easiest vacation I’ve ever taken. Light carry-on bags, one-hour flight, no driving for three days, and locals showing us all the best stuff. Also, the weather was unnaturally excellent, to the point that we had not one, but two days, in a row mind you, with no fog anywhere approaching the city. Not even after five, when it usually starts shrouding all the landmarks people are desperately trying to photograph.

We had tea in Chinatown, wandered through Golden Gate Park, visited the beach, and ate far more than anyone should in the span of three days. We even visited The Stinking Rose, a restaurant dedicated to and partly made of garlic, where we ensured that no virus could live in our bloodstream for more than eight seconds, and that we would be the bane of the Muni rail system. Mix that with the ten varieties of green tea we tried just a few hours before, and I was a walking DayQuil bottle.

Among the many restaurants we ate at was our friend Chris’s place, Front Porch, which is Caribbean soul food done by someone who clearly grew up on it. And I just have to say, I dare someone to make better grits than the ones I had there.

Best give it a week, though. Otherwise, my cholestorol will drop me face-first into the bowl before I can lift the spoon for a second bite.


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