Posted: July 24, 2007 in Uncategorized

I really want to believe this is true:

A drunk employee kills all of the websites you care about

Note: In a moment of proving that very headline true, the first thing I went to do after reading about it was post it to LJ. Dur.

IT nightmares seem to abound today. Not only have there been brownouts and datacenter pandamonium in SFO, but today around lunch apparently our primary UPS blew and took down network and phones. Being a callcenter, the latter was kind of a big deal. The fact that when it came back up, all calls for the whole company began routing to one support group couldn’t have been an improvement.

I’m so very glad I just run the labs. Instead of staying at work all night untangling the nightmare, I got to head home early due persistant network issues and go mountain biking in beautiful weather.

I suppose I’ll still be spending time tonight installing my new pair of 500GB drives to my data server, but I won’t have lots of very angry people threatening my job over it.


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