In my happy place

Posted: May 18, 2007 in Uncategorized

I’m feeling GOOD today. Aside from my growing horror at learning how completely opposite many things in Australia are from the US, sometimes literally, today at least is going quite well. I’ve been kicking ass at work, I found out I won’t have to go to Australia for June and July, and all the remaning issues with my motorcycle should be fixed by the end of the day, tomorrow tops. Not even to mention that it’s Friday, plus I’m off to a climbing slideshow tonight. I’m even still basking a bit from climbing yesterday, which while I didn’t climb very hard, I did climb a 5.7 crack one-armed, which reassured me I haven’t completely lost my climbing touch.

I’ve got my summer happy on.

But seriously, could Australia differ any more from the US, even the rest of the world, when it came to consumer electronics? I mean come on, 220V current, PAL video format, and region 4 DVDs? Region 4??? This has something to do with the water draining the wrong way, I just know it.


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