Posted: April 12, 2007 in Uncategorized

Sydney has been damn fun. I’ve actually been having such a good time, and felt so comfortable, that I’ve decided that I want to ask to get transferred here. Part of it goes beyond even this place; being so far removed from life in Eugene and talking with everyone still back home, I’ve realized how really unpleasant the work environment has become. Politics, growth, cutbacks, territorialism, and even just the nature of so many people who live in Eugene, have made everyone very bitter and pissy, and I’m really pretty tired of it. I’m tired of spinning my wheels while being made a scapegoat. I’ve been working for the same people in the same town for 9 years; I like the people on my team and my bosses, but frankly, I’m feeling pretty done with everyone else.

So if I can swing it, I’m hoping to head to Sydney for a year or two, and spend my weekends surfing and climbing and my vacations travelling; seeing the rest of Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, maybe Nepal.

That’s the idea; we’ll see if it goes anywhere. Worst case, I have to put up with the people in Springfield for a while longer, but I get to road trip the southwest in the fall and launch my international travels from the US. Win-win, really.


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