Where to start, where to start…

Posted: March 24, 2007 in Uncategorized

While I’ve hardly been updating lately, it hasn’t been for lack of things happening. Work has had me busting my ass for weeks, so I’ve had no time to update there, and what time I’ve had at home I really haven’t felt inclined to write something clever. Or, as was the case all last Saturday, I was unable to do more than try to sit upright and make myself eat a bagel due to my shortsighted mixing of sake, beer, and rum the night before. This meant St. Pats completely passed me by, but really, I wasn’t overly enthusiastic about it this year anyway. Instead, I made up for the missed day by heading with Lucy to the coast to wade through painfully frigid water and climb around on rocks. The latter probably wasn’t the best idea, but frankly, getting my hands on rock again was well worth the next couple days of shoulder discomfort.

As far as general progress in life goes, I’ve been kicking ass and taking names, in a metaphorical sense of course. Asses generally aren’t given names, nor is there a reason to take a census of them; that’s just pointless. I’ve been encouraged by my shoulder’s improvement to really kick into full gear on my PT exercises, and I’m actually able to use my arm quite a bit again. My car is finally in the shop after my little encounter with some ice and an unforgiving roadside reflector, which means I’ve been driving a crappy little Ford Escort since Monday. I’m also off to look at a new house to rent tomorrow, which if it’s anything like the pictures, I’m willing to seriously maim innocent people for it. And I’ve made reservations to fly to Sydney on Wednesday.

Yes, as a matter of pure chance, a week after mentioning to my boss that I’d be perfectly willing to go to Sydney to help out my counterpart there and both of us having a hearty laugh over it, that counterpart has to leave for a couple weeks, and I’m told to get my passport ready and make reservations for two weeks in Sydney. As if that’s not enough, I’ll be staying right on Sydney harbor, and working in the building where they shot the rooftop scenes of The Matrix. My collapsable travel cup runneth over. And naturally, plenty of pictures to come.

  1. somechick says:

    Have a fantastic time in Sidney! What a cool opportunity! šŸ™‚
    Best of luck with the house!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Have a fantastic time in Sidney! What a cool opportunity! šŸ™‚

    Best of luck with the house!

  3. muffster says:

    didya get it didya get it???

  4. Anonymous says:

    didya get it didya get it???

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