Party people in the house say “Harr!”

Posted: March 4, 2007 in Uncategorized

Party season has returned again to Valhalla (the unofficial nickname of Lucy’s house) after a rather lengthy hiatus. Last weekend was Lucy’s birthday party, a Nintendo-themed affair which was rather low-key, but all around enjoyable. Last night however was the first serious rager since Kate’s birthday. Shane went all-out on the decorations, turning the front porch into a ship’s deck, and the living room into a blacklit underwater lounge, complete with fish nets and huge shark. The man really knows his party planning.

In all we killed 5 cases of beer and enough hard alcohol to kill a pack of hobos. By around 4 I was partied out and kicked back in Lucy’s room for a bit before calling it a night. And luckily, I was was moderate enough that today I’m feeling just fine, even the shoulder.

Thankfully this helped me forget the awesome, awesome powder that dumped all week in the mountains and has been calling for freshly carved lines since Thursday.


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