Well, super

Posted: February 27, 2007 in Uncategorized

I *WAS* doing pretty well on the shoulder healing front. The arm was getting more and more mobile, I could hold slightly heavy things, and such. However in an apparent fit of unthinking optimism yesterday, I performed the crazy act of reaching with my right arm to my LEFT SIDE! Apparently this was not an acceptable motion at my current healing stage, because I felt a “pop” somewhere in my shoulder, and I knew it wasn’t the harmless “hey, listen to what I can do with my knuckles” kind of pop. And sure enough, my shoulder has been hurting more since, and things don’t feel quite as in place as they did.

It’s taking a tremendous amount of willpower these days to not go absolutely starking apeshit. Even just my co-workers coming back from the gym complaining about all the weights and running they did and how tired and refreshed they feel makes me want to kick something soft and vulnerable and not necessarily a kitten.


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