Posted: February 22, 2007 in Uncategorized

Working on day 2 now of having my arm finally out of the sling, and I’ve learned something important, if fairly obvious: If you stop using a muscle for weeks on end, it WILL hurt when you start using it again. I think a good part of what I thought to be injury pain when I had my arm free was in fact my muscles complaining about being active again, so I may have kept things slung for longer than necessary. Because after only 36 hours or so of not using the sling, my arm feels a hell of a lot better, even though my collarbone still hasn’t settled down and secured back into place. I’m now much more optimistic about healing up by the end of April.

And yes, I’m listening to the Dead. Before that was The Cars, and next up is Green Day. Setting your entire music collection on “random play” can be entertaining, but completely lacks any kind of rhythm to work by.


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