Posted: February 20, 2007 in Uncategorized

Probably my most productive weekend in a while. Although it helps that it was 3 days long… A trip to Portland, the Eugene Asian Celebration, errands around town, and my house is now as clean as it’s been in months. The papasan in my bedroom is even now once again a chair, rather than the clean laundry bowl.

Portland was brief but fun. I finally got a stand for my TV at Fry’s, Lucy searched in vain for a crepe pan, we stopped at a nice little pub for a beer and some darts, and dragged away from his paper to stuff ourselves with conveyor belt sushi. I’ve gotten in the bad habit though of hardly letting anyone know I’m in town when I’m in Portland; I really should get better at that.

The shoulder is feeling pretty comfortable these days, though I’m sticking with the sling for a little while longer. My shoulder however has already lost a ton of muscle tone. It’s starting to feel like Kate Moss’s elbow. At this rate, it’ll take a while to build back up to my original fitness level. I’m even missing working out.


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