Mmm, yaaaaa….

Posted: January 16, 2007 in Uncategorized

The bigger the company I work for gets, the more my daily life resembles scenes from Office Space. Used to be, that movie was funny because it hit close to home, but real life still wasn’t nearly so outrageous. Now warring bosses roam the halls like velociraptors, coffe cup in hand, while the masses contend with year-long project lag times, endless obscure process chains, spontaneous reorgs, and of course sudden widespread cost cutting. I half expect the Bobs pay a visit to the office in the near future. This week in particular has been a tour de force in corporate life, which while not threatening to my job, is as a friend put it threatening to my sanity.

The weather for the past week has been unprecedented. The snow that fell on Thursday is still on the ground. That alone is bizarre. The ground has been frozen solid since Thursday, and going outside after dark has been kept to a minimum while temps have been dropping into the teens. I’ve been constantly reminded of winter in Colorado. However, the accompanying near-zero temps up in the Cascades did make for some outstanding snowboarding on Saturday at Willamette, and I’m hoping it continues for a while. I’m seriously considering going every weekend I can while it’s still so cold, because I loves me some cold powder.


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