Ice, Ice Baby

Posted: January 12, 2007 in Uncategorized

There’s an unspoken rule in the Willamette valley that whenever more than a half inch of snow drops and sticks, everyone is required to build a snowman. Because it’s such a rarity to get snow in the valley, the moment snow starts falling and doesn’t immediately melt when it hits the ground, the entire city has a snow day. Me, I woke up yesterday happy as a little kid when I saw everything covered in several inches of snow. I barely convinced myself to go into work, so I placated myself by taking an extended lunch break to tromp around in the snow outside the office.

However on the downside, temperatures fluctuate so much here that if the snow doesn’t turn right back to rain and melt that same day, it at least melts enough to re-freeze as sheets of black ice covering the roads. Normally I don’t have a problem with this particular road hazard, but one particular freeway on-ramp last night decided to be particularly malicious as I tried to pick up speed, and I fishtailed back and forth across the ramp until I could regain control, but not before I took out a couple reflector posts like sticks of balsa wood, which in turn took off a corner of my plastic bumper. Thankfully it’s strictly cosmetic, and it was only posts and not a body-eating guardrail, but nonetheless I hate damaging my car even slightly, something I’ve only done once before when I slid into a truck tire when I was 17 and warped the bumper on my car.


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