Paradise Lost

Posted: January 8, 2007 in Uncategorized

There’s a point, after the morning surfing and beach sessions, eating fish caught just that morning under an umbrella at the edge of the ocean, watching a mother humpback and her newborn calf splashing in the water no more than 50 yards from you, and standing at the edge of a 1000 foot cliff facing a lush jungle valley, if the most remarkable thing was that you had the time to finish two books and start a third in a weeks time, Hawaii may not hold quite the same magic for you that it once did.

I certainly enjoyed my vacation, but I’ve found that, reaching that certain point, I enjoy Hawaii most when I’m introducing other people to it. I’ve spent years of my past here, exploring beaches, coral reefs, jungles, and cities, and that same excitement about a tropical island in the middle of the Pacific is just not there anymore. The feeling of awe and the spirit of intrepid exploration is infectious, and while I’m well aware how remarkable this place is, the best reminder always comes from those who are only just discovering it. As is the case anywhere, you only do the touristy things where you live when you’re entertaining tourists. But for Hawaii, the entire place is a tourist attraction, and it’s easy to start to take for granted without someone else to point it out.


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