The wonderous world of insubstantial goods

Posted: December 19, 2006 in Uncategorized

Quite a while ago, during the height of my no-life phase, I developed a small website called FilmSpot, where I had aspirations of publishing in-depth reviews of movies, actors, and filmmakers, and being a resource of all things film in the PNW. Well, I got about 5 reviews in and decided I really wasn’t that motivated, especially with no audience. The site stayed up as a legacy to one of my favorite design concepts, perhaps with the intent of revitalizing it one day.

Flash forward to a couple weeks ago, I get an email out of the blue from someone saying they represent someone who wants to buy the rights to the name FilmSpot for their own site. After googling around and digging around the website attributed to the email sender, I conclude two things: 1) The request seems to be from a legitemate source, and 2) I have no clue how they found my site of all things, since it’s buried under pages of “FilmSpot” references in Google. However I promptly forget to email him back, and gradually forget all about it. That is, right up until this evening. Checking my email one more time before I shut down to leave work, I’ve gotten another email from this guy. His info says he’s on the east coast, so I can’t imagine he just sent it, and it’s somehow been on a delayed delivery through some mail queue. But no sooner have I closed the email, the phone on my desk rings. It’s an unfamiliar number. I pick it up, give my usual work greeting, and IT’S THE GUY. Not only has his team dug up my little website, but off of what little info I have linked to that site, they have found where I work and my direct number. Every now and again, the internet reminds you just how creepy it can be.

But, there is a happy ending. The guy is plenty aimiable, and only wants to buy the rights to the name, possibly even letting me keep the site up as-is. I don’t have to do more than sign a paper, and I get a couple extra hundred for the holidays. Internet commerce is an enigmatic thing.


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