Posted: December 1, 2006 in Uncategorized

Late October and most of November is one of my least favorite times of the year in Oregon. The weather turns ugly and temperatures start to drop, the transition is made to getting dark before I even leave work, and the last vestiges of color on the trees drops to the ground, clogging the street gutters and leaving the trees as lifeless sticks. Climbing season in eastern Oregon comes to a close, yet there won’t be decent snowpack in the mountains for another month at least. It is the fall of my discontent. So, the most I can really do is work, watch movies, and try my damnedest to keep the holiday food assault at bay and not let it drag me into the pit of obesity and dwindling energy. Also, this time of year seems to be rich in quickly-spreading illnesses, and I always end up getting a cold or two, which seems like the icing on the cake in this horrible plot to make me an unhealthy human being.

November as a whole went by remarkably fast this year. Lucy and I took a trip to Portland to see Faust at the Portland Opera, that weekend I then took a business trip to Boston, and the following week was Thanksgiving, which came and went rather quietly, since only my mom was in town, and she was mostly busy furnishing her new apartment. Winter made an official appearance earlier this week when it started to snow, but as is the case every time it snow in the valley, it didn’t last through the next day. That about sums it up for November. I could go into more detail but really, I just don’t have the inspiration to. I think maybe my overabundance of toys lately has killed my muse, because I have all my best thoughts anymore while I’m on plane flights, although most of those have to do with travelling.

I’ve been playing a lot with Google Earth again lately. I really can’t describe what an astounding tool it is. The detail level in some areas is downright scary. But it’s also getting me in gear for planning my next spring and summer trips. I now know where all those roads go.


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