Underachieving Undergraduate

Posted: September 10, 2006 in Uncategorized

The whole idea of recycling papers for college is nothing new, and students flat-out buying prefab papers off other students or now the internet isn’t unusual. But the whole idea of outsourcing college papers seems to be an incredible step in wasting a college education. Even having never gone to college more than a couple semesters, I can still see the value in what college can offer to make up where highschools so sorely lack. The basic abilities to formulate ideas, structure them, and communicate them, let alone the actual subject knowledge learned, is what these institutions are founded on with the intention of sending people into the working world to contribute something to society. The fact that a college education is simply wasted on many people is nothing startling, but the idea that resources have devolved to the point that anyone with the monetary resources could coast through four years and get literally nothing from it is disturbing. And I don’t mean for the colleges or education; as long as schools have sports teams, education will come second anyway. But for the US, already beginning to struggle against eager, intelligent international workforces, this kind of self-indulgent consumerism is the next step in destabilizing our domestic economy by further dumbing down the work force.

In short, if you’re not going to bother learning anything, don’t waste thousands of your parents’ money going to college, and go get a job. At least then you’ll have to learn something.


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