Inane work rant. Feel free to skip.

Posted: September 6, 2006 in Uncategorized

Insane day at work today. I’ve gotten good at keeping my head above water, but I really hope we get someone decent soon to backfill the empty spot on the team. Other things I learned today:

– The team summit in Reading / London is back on, only now in November. It was in danger of being cancelled completely, but now it’s officially on, and during prime English weather season too.
– I’m being re-graded to the IT scale, which pays far, far better, but starting at my same wage, which means I’m being kicked down from an 8 to a 6. I haven’t been a grade 6 in over 7 years. It means I’m being put in a position to make more money, but it also means I’ve been getting dick for what I do. Which is really no surprise.
– I’ve also apparently been placed on the “principal network admin” track, which is essentially top grade before management. .

This raft of utter madness went pretty much non-stop until 3:30, when my lead told me to join him in his office for our regular meeting, and we proceeded to drain a bottle of wine between us while talking music and looking at photos of his wedding. Apparently, mine was not the only difficult day.


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