Posted: July 24, 2006 in Uncategorized

Like a rampaging pro wrestler, the weather has had the city in a hot, sweaty headlock for the past several days, and the primary pasttime has been the pursuit of some way to cool off. I’m personally not much for hiding indoors all day when it’s nice out, so both evenings this weekend Lucy and I gathered whoever we could and headed for the river by Pisgah. I hadn’t been swimming in the river in years, partly because it’s usually freezing even in the height of summer, but this weekend the water was shockingly warm and made for the perfect way to cool off for an afternoon. We took a couple small innertubes I had and floated down a stretch of the river over and over, sat in small eddies watching minnows nibble at our feet, and practically broke our ankles stumbling over river rocks. It was a perfect summer break.

In between river trips, we dodged the heat by catching the new Superman movie, doing some shopping, and I spent my REI birthday card, picking up new gear including new rock shoes and a water filter. Now if only it weren’t too bloody hot to climb.

I also appear to have misplaced my cell phone, which I should probably do something about…


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