Catching up

Posted: July 17, 2006 in Uncategorized

I’m not sure whether I find it funny or disconcerting, but after installing Windows Vista to test on, the default wallpaper turned out to be a very similar shot to one I took in Glacier Natl. Park (albeit theirs is much better quality).

The act of simply living creates a remarkable amount of physical clutter if left unattended. Having only been home sporadically over the past couple months, my house and yard had devolved into a dishevelled mass, to the point that the city asked me to kindly do something about the hedge out front. So, I set aside this weekend to assault my house and yard and try and put it back in a somewhat presentable shape. Sadly, my mower has finally given out, so the lawn is still rather unsightly, but everything else has been beaten into submission, and the house actually looks livable again.

In between cleaning flurries, I also attended a rave well outside of town until the sun came up, and had a BBQ on my freshly sweeped and de-ivyed deck. Life can’t be all work, after all.

Not that I’m in any danger of that.


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